New Earthworm Jim on the way

earthworm jim
Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic annelid is back! Gameloft, known for their mobile phone games, is partnering up with Interplay to develop a new Earthworm Jim game which is set to be released on the PSN, XBLA, Wii and moblie devices.

Earthworm Jim is a series known for it’s humor with in a solid platform game. It’s been around for Ten years but died out after the second games was released. The last title to be developed was Earthworm Jim 3D, which was met with less than stellar reaction. Since that game’s release there have been talk of another game here and there.

Most recently was the Earthworm Jim game in development for the PSP, which was eventually put on hold and now thought to be canceled. Since that time an Earthworm Jim 4 was announced, to be developed with the comic’s creator Douglas TenNapel, but little beyond that. This Earthworm Jim game could very well be that title, but there is still much to be announced about this title.

Groovy: Interplay and Gameloft making new downloadable Earthworm Jim[Joystiq]

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