Lionsgate kicks-ass with Kick-Ass

The Kick-Ass distribution rights have been decided. The company who won them? Lionsgate studios. Having beaten out Paramount and Universal, Lionsgate will be handling the distribution for this comic book movie.

The company will reportedly be putting a lot of it’s energy behind the movie, which is nice to hear considering how many of the movies they released last year were mostly straight to DVD releases.

The choice here is probably due to a few things. I could see Universal or Paramount requesting a few re-shoots or re-writes to make the movie less violent, Lionsgate doesn’t really have any qualms with violence. Lionsgate also probably pushed particularly hard to pick up the movie due to their performance last year in the box office. The movie is expected to have a world-wide release in 2010.

Lionsgate to Distributed Kick-Ass[SlashFilm]

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