The Universe: Season Two – Blu-ray Review


With the Perseid Meteor Shower coming to an end, backyard astronomers and others are looking to the skies. If you’re curious or obsessed with space, this Blu-ray set is a must-see.

As fascinating and mesmerizing as most programs on the History Channel, The Universe keeps the viewer spellbound with its amazing re-creations, computer graphics, and scientific facts.

The complete second season of this awe-inspiring series includes 18 not-to-be-missed episodes that bring us closer to what lies beyond our own planet and solar system. What topics are covered? Check ‘em out:

Alien Planets; Cosmic Holes; Mysteries of the Moon; The Milky Way; Alien Moons; Dark Matter; Astrobiology; Space Travel; Supernovas; Constellations; Unexplained Mysteries; Cosmic Collisions; Colonizing Space; Nebulas; Wildest Weather in the Cosmos; Biggest Things in Space; Gravity; and Cosmic Apocalypse.

As a bonus, you get a riveting documentary that explores the phenomenon of Backyard Astronomers and how their passion for space has become a part of their lives.

While we await further advancements in space travel, I recommend The Universe as an alternative. Through the high quality picture and sound, you’ll feel like your out in space with each episode.

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