Get Wolfenstein for free… if it outsells Madden ’10

Wolfenstein is coming out this month and an employee at Raven is making a bet, more or less. On his twitter account software designer, Manveer Heir, is offering to pay for your copy of Wolfenstein. The catch is that he’ll only do it if the game sells more units than Madden 10 in august.

He later clarified that the offer does extend beyond the US borders, but will require you two do two things. One is follow him on twitter, and the other is to have your receipt for the game. He’ll be using the NPD to determine the sales.

I honestly can’t see him handing out any reimbursements. Madden is a juggernaut, you cannot stop the game from crushing the video game sales when it comes out. To think Wolfenstein will actually outsell Madden is overly optimistic. Still, can’t hurt to pick up the game. Raven has a great track record.

Manveer Heir’s Twitter

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