Ozzy Osbourne at Blizzcon!

The Prince of Darkness once again becomes involved with the lands of Azeroth. Yes at Blizzcon, a convention Blizzard hold every year for EVERYTHING Blizzard related, Ozzy will be performing… or at least be there. Having been rumored on and on about him being there, it is finally confirmed by Direct TV indirectly.

Ozzy is likely at the convention due to the commercial he did for World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Rise of the Lich King. This wouldn’t be the first time Blizzcon has had someone famous though. Comics Patton-Oswalt and Jay Mohr were both at the ‘con last year, as was the entire crew of The Guild.

Tickets for Blizzard’s Convention sold out exceptionally quickly, going from 20,000 to nothing in a combined time of 8 minutes over a few weeks in which they sold tickets in set numbers.

Simple calculation shows that 20,000 tickets, at 150 dollars a piece, amounts up to 3 million dollars. It’s pretty safe to say, with all of the construction and crew hiring they had to do for the convention would probably take up a great deal of that. It’s pretty safe to say that Blizzard is likely getting in big names like Ozzy on a loss for the fans.

If you want to catch the events at the ‘con, but don’t have tickets you can always order a service from DirectTV, regardless of if you have their service or not, to watch it streamed for 40 dollars.

Ozzy at Blizzcon confirmation

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