5 Days in May: The Brookfield Murders – Book Review


Harrison Hunt never dreamed his summer directing theatre in a small town would wind up like this. But alas, his idyllic world of actors, sets, costumes, and props is shattered when his good friend is found dead. While the police and coroner believe it to be an accidental death, Hunt feels there’s more to the tale than what’s on the surface.

5 Days in May: The Brookfield Murders is a gripping and exciting whodunit from first page to last. Author Paul Eiseman weaves and intricate tapestry of suspects, red herrings, clues, and mystery that will keep you guessing until the last possible moment.

The main character, Harrison Hunt, is not Sherlock Holmes by any means. But this makes him all the more appealing as the lead investigator delving into the mysterious and illusive truth behind his friend’s demise. Helped by his assistant, Sophie, Hunt works diligently to uncover the truth all the while attempting to maintain his directorial obligations for the summer.

Eiseman is currently working on the second novel in the Harrison Hunt series, and if this first outing is any indication, the next one will surely be just as gratifying.

I highly recommend 5 Days in May: The Brookfield Murders. It’s a solid murder-mystery story that you’ll not want to put down.

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