Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Out Now!


Holy Bandwidth, Batman! It’s 2 GB!

Yes sirree, as Dave had earlier predicted with his psychic powers, the PC demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum is out now for download. Grab yourself a copy and go kick some butt. To borrow some description from Gamershell,

The demo opens as the Dark Knight and Commissioner Gordon return The Joker back into confinement at Arkham Asylum. But things soon fall apart as The Joker gains the upper hand and springs a trap, setting Arkham Asylum’s occupants upon Batman. The demo offers gamers a taste of the fierce FreeFlow combat system, the cunning stealth of the Invisible Predator mechanic, and the feeling of becoming the World’s Greatest Detective as they navigate Arkham Asylum’s Intensive Treatment facility. Players can unlock character bios, as well as get a sneak peak at some of the infamous foes that Batman will encounter within the cavernous and macabre confines of Arkham Asylum.

Sounds smexy. But at 2 GB, I’d rather take it down via torrent. Nobody’s uploaded it yet, so I’ll just be waiting.

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