Wet, the video game, has a great advertisement

Eliza Dushku, from Buffy and Dollhouse Is staring in a video game next month. To advertise the game the creators made a live action video. The video isn’t your normal affair though, no. It’s a musical.

It shows a brief glimpse of the game’s main character’s as she walks away(likely Dushku in the flesh) and then an impaled lackey comes back to life. For the brief two minutes he’s alive again he sings about the woman who just kill him. Others join in as they show their love for the main character.

It’s no Once More With Feeling or Doctor Horrible but it’s funny. I’d like to say I hope the game features some of the same comedy with great gameplay, but the advertisement is likely just to attract attention, not get the game’s style across.

Either way, check out the video below:

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