American Gladiators – DVD Review


It’s American Gladiators, baby! Fun and awesome, this first season DVD set has everything you expect from this classic competition series from 1989. Obstacle courses; Spandex; Big hair; and Muscular men and women throwing, jumping, running, climbing, and crawling for the title of American Gladiator.

For those who don’t have ESPN Classic (the current TV home of the show), and even for those who do, American Gladiators is fun and entertaining to watch. You can watch the highlight reel on disc one, or watch each episode from the season through to the Finals and the Grand Championship.

Special Features include a new interview with contestant and Lost Boys actor Billy Wirth. Most sections also include Gladiator Commentary. Get ready for guys and gals like Blaze, Gemini, Malibu, Lace, Gold, and Nitro to chime in one their favorite competitors and events.

You also get a collectible booklet with Gladiator profiles, and a Q&A with Alumni Champion Cheryl Ann Silich.

It’s fast-paced, intense, and great fun. American Gladiators delivers enjoyment for all ages.

Who’s your favorite Gladiator, Competitor, or event? Leave a comment and let us know!

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