Leverage: Season One – DVD Review


Extremely entertaining and addictive, Leverage is a solid heist/con-job series from TNT. Oscar Winner Timothy Hutton (Best Supporting Actor – Ordinary People), stars as Nathan Ford, a former insurance investigator who decides to go after the big corporations and corrupt businessmen he once worked for.

Along for the ride is a team of tech-savvy and ultra-clever thieves who work together to do what’s right even if society would deem it wrong or illegal. Each episode involves Ford and company playing elaborate and complex con games with those who are trying to screw over the little guy.

It’s a great series. TNT really has delivered a show that is hip, engaging, and fun to watch. This is definitely a show you can sit down and watch multiple episodes of in one sitting and still want more.

Loaded with special features, each DVD contains deleted scenes and commentary along with the following features on disc 4:

Leverage: Behind-the-Scenes

Hosted by series Executive Producer Dean Devlin (Independence Day, The Patriot) takes us behind the scenes of the first season of Leverage. Includes interviews with cast and the show’s creators.

Anatomy of a Stunt Fight

See how an intense hand-to-hand fight sequence is expertly choreographed with actors and stunt coordinators.

The Cameras of Leverage

A look at the many different types of digital cameras used to film the series.

Leverage Gets Renewed

Footage of the cast and crew finding out from the head of programming for TNT that their series had been renewed for a second season. Celebration ensues.

Beth Riesgraf’s Crazy Actress Spoof

It’s Beth v. the writers of Leverage in this parody of actresses who try to have too much control.

Get ready for thrills and excitement with season one of Leverage. You can also check out full episodes online at TNT.tv by clicking here.

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