Power Rangers: RPM: Volume One – DVD Review

Power Rangers RPM DVD cover

The Power Rangers are back, baby! And this time they’re on a mission to save the world from the evil computer virus known as Venjix. Imagine the Power Rangers versus Skynet from the Terminator series. It’s campy, Technicolor enjoyment for all viewers.

Despite the bad acting and effects, the look of the show is impressive considering what it is. The show is a fast-paced tech-centric action-fest that is sure to keep you watching from the first episode of the last. It’s pure Power Rangers energy from beginning to end.

These multicolored heroes battle myriad villains that range from eccentric monsters to massive robots. And, as the title suggests, there are plenty of cars, motorcycles, and other high-speed vehicles that keep the action coming.

Granted, if you never liked Power Rangers in the past, or are not a fan of Japanese-style kid TV, then you may find this particular show irritating and hard to watch. But, if you like campy, silly, and over-the-top action, stunts, and more, then Power Rangers: RPM: Volume One is worth a look.

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