Halo movie alive-ish again?

Didn’t Halo finish the fight a few years ago? Well you can’t blame Microsoft for refusing to give up the series. I can’t really fault Fox for dropping the movie project that was started a few years ago either.

Even though the project is almost all but dead, people are still pulling for it. Specifically the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra scribe Stuart Beattie. Beattie reportedly was working on a screenplay for the Halo movie a year ago, which obviously wasn’t made.

Beattie, with G.I. Joe coming out in August, has started sending his Halo movie script to as many studios as he can. G.I. Joe might not look like a good movie, but it’s hard to argue that the first Pirates movie was anything but entertaining.

Now video game movies aren’t known for being particularly good. Many people contend(including Uwe Boll) that this is because the companies do nothing during the movie’s production. With Microsoft having heavy influence on the movie it could be one of the first few game movies that sets a benchmark.

Beattie has claimed he has read all the books, and played all the games. It’s a great piece of information, but ultimately the director and the studio says what is done with the script. This is why Beattie has some hopes of directing the movie himself.

So it’s not entirely great news, or anything that says we’ll be seeing a live action Master Chief in theaters anytime soon, but it’s more than we’ve seen in a while. I’d be nice to see Blomkamp back in the project if District 9 makes it big.

Stuart Beattie and his hopes for a Halo movie that works.

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