Review Wii: Pool Hall Pro, Cuz’ it sure as hell beats the bar!

Billiards is a game that we associate with middle aged creed fans; and American youth in a bar with a fake id. But in Pool Hall Pro’s case anyone can enjoy chipping that white ball. So its not the fanciest looking pool game out there, and the music isn’t amazing either. But the gameplay and overall features of the game are certainly fun in their own special way.


PHP is a really cool and different pool game, with all sorts of  player modes, a nice story mode, VERY challenging AI, and of course cool multiplayer modes. Not to mention that as you progress through story mode, you can customize your house and character.

This game has quite a few things that set it aside from many other pool game out there; first and foremost the controls. The game feels amazing on the Wii, fun and easy to pickup on; this game really does justice to the Wii and pool. The customization for the player is very different and that alone puts this pool game in its own world.


The game has it’s problems; terrible camera, very basic graphics which tend to leave me staring at my TV asking myself if it loaded correctly; and the price tag. The game does affectively utilize the Wii and is certainly one of the better pool titles. But for 29.99, there isnt entirely a full game here that someone could play over and over again. The story, fun and difficult at times, customizing gets old after your crib is “pimped”, and you can really only play pool in your living room with your friends a few times until they are going to want to resort back to the real thing, or Wii Sports.


Pool Hall Pro offers a well structured and fun game of billiards for the Wii, but not for the price or features. It is different, and fun; but making a custom crib for playing pool in, is really something that should just stick to Sims. If you can, get it used for under 20.00, or even find it on Craigsist; its worth playing because it is fun; just very limited appeal fun. The game gets a 2 1/2 out of 5.

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