Dexter iPhone Game Preview

Dexter The iPhone Game

Who did Dexter kill this time to get his own iPhone game?

Bloody disgusting goodness will soon be here for your iPhone in the form of a relatively large and potentially pricey mobile game. It’s pretty impressive what Icarus Studios is doing with this game. It’s a full 3D world that even features the voice of Michael C. Hall. Written by one of the show’s writers, Timothy Schlattmann, you as Dexter get to explore what it’s like to be a serial killer. The game even includes pre-rendered cutscenes. For an iPhone game, this is a pretty big package.

The game has a first person and third person perspective camera. The third person is much easier to play right off the bat. Two of the lower corners of the touch screen are used as joysticks, one to move Dexter while the other to rotate the camera. In another gameplay option, you can also use tilt the iPhone to rotate the camera.

The level that I saw included Dexter picking up a shovel to dig up bodies from their graves. So there was a lot of tapping on the touchscreen. There was also a stealth portion where you have to hide behind cars and plants.

I was told that this is the first of several in a series of Dexter iPhone games. It looks like iPhone games are finally beginning to become worth paying money for.

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