More Teasing From LucasArts


LucasArts continues to tease about its super exciting announcement coming Monday and answer some questions…

To get on a quick update, we found out not very long ago that LucasArts is planning a big announcement for Monday that has got whoever writes these tweets to be “super excited”.

After lots of cynicism speculation, LA has even seen fit to tease some more and answer some questions from users. Here’s what we see now on the LA’s twitter page:

Okay, we will do hints. It is awesome news for our old school fans. (anything more direct might get me in trouble
)about 11 hours ago from TwitterFon

Hmm, old school? LucasArts is best known for their classic adventure games like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle when we’re talking old school. We already know that Monkey Island is making a return with a Special Edition to the original and a new episodic series called Tales of Monkey Island. User Diego Ferreyra points this out, but LucasArts denies the announcement having anything to do with Monkey Island.

LA’s twitter dude also says “I know this is something I was asking for since before I worked at LucasArts.” We await with bated breath, twitter dude!

Moving on, Daniel Sneed points out whether this has anything to do with Dark Forces or Battlefront, to which LucasArts says “It doesn’t have to do with any specific intellectual property…”

What the hell does that mean? Are we going to see a Super Smash Bros. style all LA-properties crossover game? Or are we talking a whole new intellectual property?

If the latter is true, this might support my theory of this having something to do with that Lucidity thing we caught on earlier. Cannot… withstand… teasing… must… have… announcement…

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