LucasArts: “Amazing News Coming Monday”

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LucasArts is teasing us real bad about something worth being super excited about.

Curse you Twitter, and your infinite powers of letting deceptive game companies tease us poor fans! If you stroll over to read LucasArts’ tweets, you will find two rather abruptly intriguing pieces:

Amazing news coming Monday! Super excited! You have no idea how tough it is not to start yelling about it! But it’s secret! Until Monday!
about 9 hours ago from web

I don’t want to tease, it is just tough not to say anything! I might be tempted, however. Have to think about it over the weekend. 😉
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon

Out with it, LucasArts! Is this finally the rebirth of the era when LucasArts was awesome? The face that launched a thousand awesome point-and-click adventures and classy Star Wars titles? Or is this another Lego Indiana Jones or some such?

Could this be related to the mysterious copyright registered by LucasFilm under the name “Lucidity”?

It looks like we’ll have to be “super excited” till Monday to find out.

[Thanks Jeff]

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