Infomercial Pitchman Billy Mays Dead at 50 – Update


You know his voice, his beard, and a his trademark blue shirt. He’s pitched OxiClean, OrangeGlo, and host of other cleaning and household products. But now, sadly, Billy Mays is dead. He was 50.

Mays died in his sleep the night of June 27, 2009. A preliminary autopsy has revealed that Mays had hear disease and that his death may have been caused by a heart attack and not head trauma as originally thought. Mays had been a passenger on a US Airways flight that had a rough landing. It was thought that overhead luggage had fallen and hit him on the head, which may have been the cause of his death. There was no head trauma found during the autopsy.

More will be revealed in the coming weeks following toxicology and further autopsy results.

His recent gig was a reality show competition on Discovery Channel along with regular infomercials seen around the country. HIs death will result in a huge hole in the world of informercials.

He is survived by his wife.

You will be missed, Billy Mays. Rest in Peace.

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Here’s one of Mays’ most well-known pitches:

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  1. Jesus, all of these celebrities dying. What is the deal here? Four people in less than a week. I know thousands of people die every day, but you usually don’t see celebrities die so frequently like this.

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