Disney’s Morning Light – DVD Review

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Is that the voice of Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, Rules of Engagement)? By golly, it is! And so begins the exciting and inspirational documentary about a group of young people training and competing to take part in the Trans Pacific (or Transpac). For those not in the know (and that includes me), the Transpac is an international yachting competition.

This particular race has been sailed and won by Walt Disney’s bro Roy E. Disney, who also happens to be the creative mind being this documentary. It was his idea to have a competition to find young sailors for the competition that evolved into this exciting and engaging documentary.

Think a yachting competition is easy? Try dealing with the conditions and problems these young men and women face as they train for the race, and see if you measure up. I know I couldn’t do it. And that’s what makes this documentary so amazing; these men and women do have what it takes to race 2,225 miles on a yacht across the open sea. It’s a testament to the human spirit, tenacity, and sheer will power.

Each sailor shares their story and what has brought them to be a part of the competition. While some endure and make the journey, others will be left behind. Who stays and who goes will be determined during the six grueling months of training the team will endure before the race commences.

Hats-off to the other boat sailing and filming alongside the Morning Light. They deserve a lot of credit for being able to keep up and stay the course through the entire race.

Notable bonus features include:

Stories From The Sea With Host Jason Earles

Yes, THE Jason Earles from Hannah Montana hosts this insightful documentary that includes moments from the training not seen in the film.

Morning Light: Making the Cut – As Aired on ESPN

A one-hour special about the hopefuls vying for a spot on the Morning Light. Originally aired on ESPN, the sports ticker at the bottom is sadly missing from this version.

If you enjoy documentaries about competitions, boating, and the strength of the human spirit, Morning Light is a must-see!

**NOTE TO PARENTS: The film is rated PG for some mild language.

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  1. I think I recall seeing a trailer for this when I went to see Young@Heart. Didn’t really seem all that interesting, but I just find the whole concept too plain.

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