Gavin and Stacey: Series One – DVD Review


Gavin & Stacey is an easygoing relationship comedy from the BBC that is fun and enjoyable. I would even go so far as to say it’s rather heartwarming and quaint, but that may be crossing the line. Even so, the series is full of laughs, sight gags, and romantic-comedy shtick that make it a watchable and worthwhile TV show.

And with most BBC shows, you only get a handful of eps to begin with. Unlike American TV shows, Gavin & Stacey only has six episodes for its first season (most American shows get 13-22). It’s an amount that leaves you begging for more, which means the next series is even more anticipated by the audience.

Gavin (Matthew Horne) and Stacey (Joanna Page) have had a long-distance relationship for six months and have never met. He’s from the UK, she’s from Wales. When they finally decide to meet in London, they bring along their best friends: Gavin brings his buddy Smithy, Stacey her friend Nessa. Will these two who have only known each other via phone calls and letters hit it off once they meet? This is what the series explores in a lighthearted and humorous fashion.

Created by James Corden and Ruth Jones (who play Smithy and Nessa, respectively), the show examines the various types of couples that exist and how they interact with one another. It’s an entertaining series that I recommend to anyone who enjoyed Friends, Will & Grace, or even The Office (BBC or American version).

A warning to parents: the show does contain profanity, sexual content, partial nudity, and lots of drinking and smoking. It doesn’t bother me, but just want you to know this isn’t a show for kids.

Bonus features include:

How It Happened

The creators and cast reflect on the likeability and fun of the series.


Funny bloopers, with accents!

Behind the Scenes in Leicester Square

This on-location featurette was available on YouTube during the filming of the series back in 2007. See how fans of the cast and the series reacted to seeing them on the street.

Audio Commentaries

Commentary tracks on Episodes One, Three, and Six.

For something different and fun to watch this summer, I recommend Gavin & Stacey: Series One from the BBC.

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