Dexter Season 2 – Blu-ray Review

Dexter Season 2

Continuing where the first season left off, Dexter Season Two kicks the show off into high gear with even more murderous mayhem and blood drenched justice. Naturally with a twist of sardonic glee and well paced drama, the show continues to keep the viewer grounded in the characters and the world of Dexter, where other shows would probably make you want to spend several months watching nothing but Disney movies just to feel clean again.

Of course this is in no small thanks to Michael C. Hall’s performance, who gives Dexter his enduring charm and a surprising amount of humanistic appeal. There are also the same familiar faces of Jennifer Carpenter as his step sister, Julie Benz as his girlfriend, and James Remar as his foster father, who all help to maintain the show’s consistent quality.

In this season, Dexter begins to doubt his murderous ways, as his painful and tortured past is delved into further and further. Soon the FBI is brought in to investigate the “Bay Harbor Butcher”, and Dexter starts to wonder if he really did pick his feet in Poughkeepsie…suspense and black-colored, blood soaked fun ensue.

This time around Dexter comes on Blu-ray in three discs, all with disgusting gray covers, something Paramount and Showtime should be castrated (scolded) for… SHOW A LITTLE CREATIVITY!! The picture quality also suffers a little as it appears somewhat grainy at times, however the True HD audio is quite wonderful all the way through.

In the special grab bag of bloody goodies there are two episodes of UNITES STATES OF TARA, “Blood Fountains” featurette, Dark Defender series, and Podcasts, all of which are only available through the BD Live feature. Since I do not have this capability I wasn’t able to view anything other than the stupid trailers and Tools of the Trade trivia game. This is beyond lame, and I would seriously consider getting both the DVD and Blu-ray just to get the special features. Apart from this little nuisance, the show shines and sparkles on the sleek Blu-ray, and keeps the body count coming.

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  1. Shame to hear that the blu-ray release isn’t any good. I loved the second season when it was on TV with the extra casting but the third lost it’s way.

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