A Nintendo DS game promotes walking

Personal Trainer: Walking

Personal Trainer: Walking is an upcoming Nintendo DS game that helps make people realize that they need to walk in life to get from point A to point B. That might be true in Japan, but here in America we have cars.

It’s an enriching and entertaining experience to be able to move your body. The game tracks how many steps you take throughout the day and makes a colorful chart with the results.

According to walking expert Mark Fenton, “Walking is by far America’s favorite physical activity.” Um, no I don’t think it is Mr. Fenton.

If your anticipating the release of this game on May 26th, please give me your Nintendo DS so I can donate it to charity. You do not deserve one.

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  1. This is really good that Nintendo has game title for walking in real life. It is really good to maintain body fat free. This is true that this game is more appropriate in Japan because they walk more than Americans.

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