New Hong Kong Action Title Coming From United Front Games


Composed of industry veterans, United Front Games is all set to work on an Action title, set in Hong Kong, too!

United Front Games is kinda like the Obsidian Entertainment of the action games world. It’s new and unexperienced, but it is also a supergroup with members that have served the industry for two decades.

Their debut project will be an action game set in Hong Kong, and will be published by Activision. Sounds like a fairly standard deal, and doesn’t impress me much either. I mean, Stranglehold was set in Hong Kong and it didn’t cut it. But then again, Deus Ex had a section in Hong Kong. Hmm.

Talent in United Front Games comes from sources as diverse as “the Need for Speed series, SKATE, Bully, Scarface, Godfather, Hulk, Spore and the NHL Sports franchise.” It’s a fair bit of action, but an unusual mix nonetheless. We’ll have to wait to see what comes of this unusual alliance.

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