Thief 4 Announcement Coming May 11


A recruitment ad in the latest issue of EDGE gives out the announcement date of a poorly-kept secret: the next Thief game.

Gamespot forum poster Anglekimne uploaded a quick shot of a recruitment ad page from the latest issue of EDGE magazine, check out the full image in the thread, although we’ve got the important bit above.

The logo sticking out beneath the faux-sticker looks suspiciously like this:


Is that exciting or is that exciting?

Eidos Montreal suck at keeping secrets. That their second super-secret project is a Thief sequel was fairly well-known, and unlike The Old Republic, this wasn’t due to any leaks either, EM themselves hinted that the game would continue an Eidos-owned franchise that started with ‘T’ (in their defence, Eidos has more than one franchise starting with a ‘T’).

Regardless, we’ll wait till May 11th to get a scoop on this. We know that Eidos Montreal will have Deus Ex 3 at this year’s E3, perhaps Thief 4 is a dessert to go with it?

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