Dragon Age to Get 2 Years of DLC


When it comes to all you fans, BioWare cares. For their next RPG Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare plans to dole out 2 years worth downloadable content!

Talking to MTV, BioWare stated that they’re really going to deliver when it comes to downloadable content in Dragon Age: Origins.

BioWare’s philosophy is for their product to be valuable, so that you get your full money’s worth, and perhaps more. Coming from a studio as talented as good ol’ BioWare, I can buy that (no pun intended, no really).

The DLC will expand the world and not “wreck or break” it. When was the last time DLC destroyed a world anyways? In any case, the primary goal is to satisfy the fans, so that they feel like they get full value-for-money.

But 2 Years is definitely something. They might even up with a sequel by then!

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