Quantum of Solace – DVD Review


James Bond has been and will continue to be a source of heated debate amongst the young and the old. Who was the best Bond? What are the best Bond films? These are only two of the myriad questions that can begin debates about the James Bond franchise that go well into the wee hours of the night.

Few movie franchises have been able to pull of replacing the main character with a new actor and it being a success. The Batman franchise has done it with moderate success. But could Indiana Jones, Rocky, or Rambo have a similar track record if they did as the Bond films do? Would they last over 40 years?


It’s no surprise that with each new Bond comes a new take on the franchise. A new look for the Bond brand as it were. From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, Bond has evolved and changed with the decades. He’s still a ladies man. Still a ruthless killer. Still a spy. But the world, always in constant flux, affects him just as much as when Connery stepped into Bond’s shoes back in the 60s.

Enter Quantum of Solace, the latest installment in the franchise. I’ll be honest: I’m not a real fan of Daniel Craig as Bond. Something about him in the role just doesn’t feel right. He reminds me of an older Jason Bourne on his way toward retirement. Did I enjoy Quantum of Solace? As an action movie, yes. As a Bond film? Eh.

So, in order to avoid further scrutiny and attacks (not like I don’t mind the comments), let’s talk about the special features included in this two-disc DVD edition for Quantum of Solace.

Bond on Location

Interviews with the cast and crew about making the 22nd Bond film.

Start of Shooting

A brief interview with director Marc Forster.

On Location

Learn about what it takes to find exotic and exciting locations for a Bond film in today’s Google-Earth age.


Olga Kurylenko and the Boat Chase

An interview with the new Bond girl and her experience doing her first action sequence.

Director Marc Forster

Cast and crew talk about how great director Marc Forster is and why he was important to the film.

The Music

An interview with composer David Arnold about the creation of music for a more cerebral Bond with interpersonal issues.


Crew Files

The best feature on the DVD. Brief interviews with people involved in all aspects of the production. They talk about what they do and how they applied it to the pre-production, production, or post-production of Quantum of Solace.

Overall, I’m gonna give the two DVD Quantum of Solace a B. I wonder why Clive Owen wasn’t available to replace Pierce Brosnan.

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