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So, Lost returned this week and things start off with a bang. Or rather, a crash. Yet another plane crash on the Island, and this time Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) is in the cockpit.

After a wild landing on a dirt landing strip, Frank and Sun discover that Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Sayid are MIA. Where are they? Even Ben doesn’t know.

As we know after the last ep, Jack, Kate, and Hurley are back in the 70s where they’ve encountered Dharma-employed Jin and Sawyer. Upon hearing the news, Hurley sums it all up in two words: “Um. What?”

Here we go!

Upon hearing that Sun has come back as well, Jin drives off. But, as we know, she’s not in the 70s, she’s in present day. Sawyer tells the former, now return, castaways to stay put.

Meanwhile, Juliette (who’s in a relationship with Sawyer) discovers that Jack and friends are back and tells Sawyer that a sub is on its way that afternoon. But is it for them? Or for her since Kate is now back in the picture? And what will happen when Kate discovers Juliette and Sawyer are an item? A catfight perhaps?

Jin races to The Flame looking for the radar logs. He’s determined to find the plane Sun and the others came in on with the help of Dharma employee Radzinsky (Eric Lange). Of course, we know there wouldn’t be any sighting since the plane landed on the Island in the future.

Back in the future, Lapidus calls a meeting. He updates the passengers about what’s going on. He reveals the Island isn’t on his charts. As he continues to speak, Ben sneaks off. Sun watches him go. She quickly follows.

Ben gets the drop on her. She asks him where he’s going. He replies that he’s headed to the other island. He asks her if she wants to come.

Juliette encounters Amy and her new son, Ethan (yes, THE Ethan!!!!). Amy asks when Juliette and Jim (Sawyer) are gonna have a baby. Juliette replies that the timing needs to be right.

Back at the beach. Jack, Hurley, and Kate meet up with Sawyer once more. He tells them to say they came in on the incoming sub. He gives them clothes to fit in. Jack wants to find the other passengers, but Kate and Hurley decide to go along with Sawyer. Jack goes along.

While at the Flame, Jin discovers that there’s a Hostile inside the Dharma perimeter. He takes off, rifle in hand. He finds the Hostile…Sayid! Sayid says he doesn’t know where Sun is. Just then, Radzinsky shows up, rifle at the ready. Jin has no choice but to treat Sayid not like a friend, but as a Hostile. He tells Sayid if he says another word, he’ll shoot him.

Sawyer and the gang drive toward the Dharma barracks. Hurley, Jack, and Kate are now in groovy 70s clothes. Hurley reminds Sawyer about what happens to the Dharma folks in the future. Sawyer says he refuses to play Nostradamus. The van arrives, to a large welcome celebration complete with banners, balloons, and 70s music. Far out!

Miles shows up. Sees the three. Sawyer heads him off. Miles tells Sawyer about the Hostile. Sawyer contacts Jin over the radio. Jin reveals that the Hostile they captured is Sayid.

Sun follows Ben to where he says an outrigger is hidden. Sun asks if Jin is on the main Island. Ben replies that that’s where he would look. Lapidus catches up with them, asks Sun to reconsider trusting Ben. She says she has to trust him.

At the outrigger, Lapidus continues to plead with Sun to change her mind. Ben turns to confront Lapidus. Sun grabs an oar (a popular Lost weapon) and belts Ben across the back of the head. Lapidus says he thought she trusted Ben. She replies: “I lied.”

At the Dharma orientation, Jack meets Dr. Marvin Candle (the Dharma video guy!) who tells Jack based on his aptitude test, he’s only qualified for janitorial work! (yikes) Kate doesn’t show on the list. The Dharma man starts to interrogate her. As she stumbles to answer his questions, Juliette steps in with a new list. Takes over with Kate’s orientation.

Radzinsky suggests to Sawyer that they kill the Hostile, which Sawyer objects to. He talks to Sayid. Tells Sayid to identify himself as a Hostile, or they have the right to shoot him. Sawyer and Jin take Sayid back to the barracks, despite Radzinsky’s objections.

Meanwhile, Sun and Lapidus take the outrigger to the main Island. As they down the dock, the trees move (uh-oh). They enter the Dharma barracks in present day. A huge mess. As they move through, a light comes on in one of the cabins. A door opens. A man’s silhouette appears. It’s…Christian (Jack’s dead father)!!! Sun asks if he knows where her husband Jin is. Christian tells her to follow him, and he’ll show her.

Christian, Sun, and Lapidus enter one of the rooms. Christian shows her a Dharma orientation photo from 1977. She sees Hurley, Jack, and Kate in the photo. Christian tells her that’s also where Jin is. She has quite a journey ahead of her (no kidding).

Back in the 70s, Sawyer and Jin transport Sayid to a cell at the barracks. He’s seen by Jack, Kate, and Hurley. That night, Jack finds out where James (now Jim) lives. He reunites with Juliette. Jack asks about Sayid. Sawyer tells him that for now, Sayid is safe. Sawyer makes it a point to tell Jack that he thinks; while all Jack used to do when he was in charge was react. Which is why so many died under his command. Jack responds that he got people off the Island. Sawyer counters that it doesn’t matter, he’s back.

Sawyer and Kate have a brief encounter across the barrack’s lawn. It’s only fleeting.

A young boy delivers a sandwich to Sayid in his cell. The young boy is Ben!!!!

In typical Lost fashion, this episode delivers important information, but most of it sets the stage for what’s to come in future episodes. As you can tell by the promo for next week’s ep, things are about to get crazy again! See you next week.


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    I knew we would see Ben when Juliet said that there was a sub coming in.

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