Brit Company Invents Play-Before-You-Finish-Download


“Awomo” will let you start playing games way before you’ve finished downloading them. Legally, of course. Yes, that’s unfortunate.

Awomo, a British service currently in Beta will soon let you download games at speeds supposedly faster than 20 times you’d get from average download sites. But they’re special attack is this:

With Awomo, you can start playing games before you’ve finished downloading them. Idea works like so: the game’s core files will be downloaded first and other files will be attached to it as they get downloaded. End result it, you can start playing the game even though your download progress meter reads a measly 10%.

Well to be fair, 11%. The only game they offer right now in Beta is Tomb Raider: Legend, which weighs in at 7.2 GB, not including Lara’s boobs. To start ogling at the boobies, play the game, you will only have to download 652 MB. Fancy that.

If you’re interested, get yourself a cup of Earl Grey and register for their beta. You’ll get to play Tomb Raider: Legend for free, if nothing.

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