Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa – Moves it on Up

Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa

I really didn’t want to see this film. Madagascar left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m shocked to say that I highly enjoyed this sequel.

The two films are like polar opposites. This sequel is a light-hearted ADD-cartoon film that is simply fun. The story is strong and the jokes are plentiful.

At times its reminiscent of The Lion King and plenty of other animal stories, but at the end of the day it feels like a unique package. The characters are lively animated and have some great one-liners.

The pacing of the film is tight. It’s about an hour and thirty minutes and throughout the entire time I was entertained.

The soundtrack is top-notch as well. If adults aren’t amused by the Madagascar world, at least they’ll enjoy the tunes. ‘I Like to Move It’ and ‘More Than a Feeling’ are only a couple of the songs that this film uses.

The DVD is a perfect buy for kids of all ages. Make sure to pick up the combo pack that includes an additional DVD of The Penguins of Madagascar, which is a new 24 minute adventure starring the Penguins. Of course it’s a major promotion for their new Nickledeon show, which will begin to air in March 2009. Both DVDs contain their share of extras that will keep little ones occupied for a good amount of time.

A very neat extra on the Madagascar 2 DVD is the ‘Dreamworks Jukebox’. It features music videos from Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, A Bee Movie, and more.

Honestly this is a great package that for me came out of nowhere. It’s highly recommended!

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