Top 5 Movie Picks for February 2009


Just because we pick one of these movies, doesn’t mean it’ll be good. We simply think that 5 films is a good number.


If you loved Nightmare Before Christmas, this film will be right up your alley. What happens when your dreams are better than reality? What if you could live in them? Coraline can, but she soon finds out that her dreams are not as pleasant as they appear to be.

Friday the 13th

Jason!!! The crazy brutal teen killer is back. If the Halloween reboot could be successful, hopefully this one will be as well. Click here for our reviews of the original three films.

Under the Sea 3D

Any excuse to go to the Imax is a good one. A 3D film set in the depths of the ocean seems pretty darn cool. Think the real-life of the Little Mermaid.


The film that is made for fanboys, by fanboys, is finally coming out. If you were ever a fan of Star Wars, then this is the film for you. Live the adventure of a group of fanboys as they set out to break into the Skywalker Ranch.

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li

Alright so the original live-action Street Fighter film from the 90’s was terrible. That doesn’t mean that this new take can’t be good. Or does it? Films based on video games do tend to suck and I don’t think Street Fighter will change that mold. However It’s got Kristin Kreuk so who knows.

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