Russell Peters – Red, White, and Brown Delivers


If you are offended by off-color humor, then this Comedy Central DVD isn’t for you. Russell Peters is a very funny, observant, and insightful comic, but his comedy leans more toward the race-related and the sexual than the more family-friendly humor of Brian Reagan.

That being said, I quite enjoyed this DVD. Peters’ act is fun to watch, his accents and impersonations of different races and ethnicities are hilarious, and his rapport with the diverse audience is also excellent.


Peters has fun with what he does. He’s not mean-spirited. He doesn’t say really horrible and disgusting things to shock his audience. He just uses his own powers of observation and his own experiences as a means to bring laughter to those who watch him.

This doesn’t mean grandma and little Susie should watch it (although there was an 8 year-old kid in the audience). This is definitely an act for older teens to adults.

Special features include segments from Russell Peters’ previous stand-up routines, audio commentary, and a bonus CD with an audio version of the DVD performance.


If you enjoyed The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour (very funny), you’re sure to enjoy Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown.

Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown laughs its way to an A. Good laughs, good jokes, keep the kids away!

Russell Peters: Red, White, and Brown
Comedy Central/CPI
Starring Russell Peters
Not Rated (but contains language, sexual content, and racial humor)
Running Time = 78 minutes

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