Can the Perfect Counter Count?

Perfect Counter

The Perfect Counter is here to count your push-ups. Of course it’s meant to count your Perfect Pushups, but even if you don’t have that device the Perfect Counter still does a great job.

The Perfect Counter measures around 5″ high. You place it right underneath your chest so that as you’re doing a push-up, your chest pushes against the counter. The Perfect Counter then counts the push-up. Generally speaking the nice thing about this is that it you know can keep track of how far to go down while doing your push-up.

In addition to keeping track of your push-ups, there’s a timer that counts down as you exercise. It’s definitely useful as it may just make you want to do more push-ups. It’s practically like a video game, you’ve got to beat your best score.

At $20 the Perfect Counter is pretty solid companion to the Perfect Pushup.

Perfect Pushup

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