Skins Bares All and Leaves Nothing Unexposed


Skins, Volume One is edgy, smart, engaging, and at times funny. A teen drama that puts Gossip Girl and 90210 to shame, this intriguing look into the lives of a group of British teens is both thought-provoking and entertaining.

Each episode of the season focuses on one of the ensemble cast’s issues and conflicts, which range from sex, drugs, parties, and issues with adults. It has one other thing going for it: it’s not regulated by the FCC.


Full frontal female nudity, foul language, and graphic sex talk are abundant and welcome. Good luck seeing that on The Hills or The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It’s refreshing to watch and since it’s serialized few problems are resolved in each episode. So, it’s a lot like Lost, but not.

Recommended as an alternative to American teen dramas, Skins earns itself an A. Wild, scandalous, and sexy. Worth a look.


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