All Rise! Night Court Season Two is Classic Sitcom Gold


There was a time in the history of American situation comedies where shows contained both comedy and sentiment. Where the characters were more than just joke machines for racy line-pushing jokes and sex humor. Night Court, while delivering plenty of jokes and laughs, as well as a healthy amount of sexual innuendo, also had plenty of heart that kept you tuned-in not just for the comedy, but for the characters.

For the uninitiated, Night Court follows the antics of Judge Harold T. Stone (Harry Anderson) and his team of lawyers, bailiffs, and his court clerk through nights in New York’s criminal night court. Each episode usually involves a case-of-the-week where Harry or one of the other main cast members gets involved and tries to help the person in need.

Running for a total of nine seasons, and a part of the original Must See TV line-up on NBC, Night Court was a mainstay on network TV. Its offbeat humor and eccentric storylines made it a unique workplace sitcom that continues to deliver laughs even 26 years after its premiere.

At issue here is season two of Night Court. After an uneven and shaky first season where cast changes were almost expected, the series found a somewhat solid cast for season two. It would not be until season four that the cast would no longer face changes for the remaining seasons of the series.

The stellar season two cast includes Harry Anderson as Judge Harold T. Stone; John Larroquette as Assistant District Attorney and womanizer Dan Fielding; Richard Moll as the buffoonish but heartfelt bailiff Bull Shannon; Charles Robinson as court clerk Mac Robinson; Selma Diamond as the acerbic bailiff Selma Hacker; and Ellen Foley as Prosecutor Billie Young.

Some of the best moments come from Larroquette who won multiple Emmys for his role as Dan Fielding. A must watch!

And, of course, the memorable theme song. Sorry the cast pic is from Season 4.

Notable cameos in this season include: Michael Richards (Seinfeld), James Cromwell (Babe, W.), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Ray Walston (My Favorite Martian), John Astin (The Addams Family, and later a recurring character on the series), and many more. It’s fun to watch and see these actors in cameo appearances, may before they became well-known celebs.

Some of my favorite eps include: “Pick a Number,” “Harry on Trial,” “Take My Wife, Please,” “Nuts About Harry,” and “Mac and Quon Le: Together Again,” and “Walk, Don’t Wheel.” If you only have time to watch a handful of episodes, these would be the ones I recommend.

If you like quirky shows like WKRP in Cincinnati or 3rd Rock from the Sun, you’re sure to enjoy Night Court! It’s quality comedy that is a classic in its own right.

Night Court: The Complete Second Season gets an A+ verdict. Bring on seasons 3-9!


In Stores February 03, 2009.

Night Court: The Complete Second Season
Warner Bros./Starry Night Productions
Starring Harry Anderson, Ellen Foley, John Larroquette, Richard Moll, Charles Robinson, and Selma Diamond
Created by Reinhold Weege
Not Rated
Running Time = 525 minutes (22 episodes on three DVDs)

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