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Insert random picture from 2008.
Insert random picture from 2008 - Done.

We are original here at StuffWeLike. We don’t simply replicate articles found on other websites. That’s why… oh wait we do. But that’s not that point. This post is our Best of 2008. It’s not listing the best written articles on the website. It simply lists what I think are the most entertaining posts throughout each month. Be prepared to do something.

1. Court TV becomes truTV
Look, Court TV was boring because it was reality. truTV is ‘Not Reality. Actuality.’ What a great slogan. Somehow I’ve watched a lot from this channel in 2008. Actuality is apparently addicting.

2. Man loses Thumb, then Replaces it with Toe
This falls under, STUPID and Disgusting. That’s why we had to cover it.

3. Say Goodbye to Facebook Apps
You gotta love Facebook, but the minute that they introduced their third party Applications, Facebook became a bunch of spam. Join this, eat this, you’ve been poke – blah blah blah. Facebook finally got the message and allowed users to block applications.

1. Be My Valentine?
I never thought friends could be so disgusting. Thankfully it’s all on camera in a lovely packaged Valentine video.

2. Brits would give up sex for a really big TV
Materialistic indeed.

3. HD-DVD bites the dust
The battle is over. I invested in HD-DVD. It was a good format while it lasted. Anyone out there buy HD-DVD?

1. Gunmen at CSUN
Just when you think school is safe, you have a gun incident. Thankfully the final official reports revealed that there people chasing others did not have a gun. It was most likely a policeman that a student saw with a gun. My college definitely enacted some tougher rules after this.

2. Ditch AIM, Facebook Chat is here
AOL Instant Messenger has been the way to chat with friends, but social networking websites have literally changed the way we communicate with one another. Facebook made possibly one of the smartest decisions all year by adding a chat function to its website.

3. Fallout 3: Over 200 Endings, 100 hours of gameplay time
Huh? Does anyone really want to play the same game for that long? Well apparently people do as the game has sold well over 5 million units.

1. Uwe Boll will resign if petition gets 1 million signatures
The petition actually never reached 1 million signatures! Hah, apparently people want to watch Uwe Boll video game films. Sounds sweet. I saw parts of In the Name of the King: A Dragon Siege Tale, it didn’t look bad. Is it?

2. Interplay Comes back from the DEAD!
If there is one video game developer that I totally miss, it’s Interplay. To hear news that they are developing a Fallout MMO, as well as other titles, is one that brings a rush of childhood memories.

3. YouTube creates Discovery
One thing that previously plagued YouTube was its lack of viewership reports. With Discovery video content producers could finally figure out how viewers found their video. What a concept!

1. Iron Man, Meet Samuel L. Jackson
Note: Do not put up a video clip that was recorded by someone else in a movie theater onto your website, especially if it’s Paramount. They will find you and shut your site down like they did with us. No, they did not ask us nicely to take the video down. Other than that, it’s a great scene that has sparked tons of fanboy discussion on the future of Marvel cinema.

2. Two Face looks OMGWTF
Pictures of Two Face from The Dark Knight, hit the internet and fanboys scream of joy. Creepy stuff.

3. American Gladiator becomes Command & Conquerized
Hot babe coming through! But watch out she’ll beat the crap out of you.

1. Youtube Annotations
Text on video? It actually makes a lot of sense. It helps engage the viewer. It is slightly annoying that content producers cannot directly link to third party websites in their videos. At least allow YouTube Partners to do this.

2. Firefox 3 Goes Live
Any alternative to Internet Explorer is a good thing, especially if it’s Firefox. Firefox 3 improved speed and performance. Thanks Mozilla!

3. Mortal Kombat Catwoman looks SMEXY
Video game models are hot. I still don’t know what Smexy means, but Catwoman does look good.

1. Soul Bubbles
Possibly the most underrated DS game of the year. It’s creative, cute, and addicting. Just don’t blow too hard.

2. E3 2008 Coverage
What a rush. E3 2008 might not have been a mega-Goliath convention that it has been in previous years, but there still was a lot to report back. On top of that trying to do video coverage of the event was intense. For days I drove to the Los Angeles Convention Expo, watched some conference, and drove back home to record video coverage.

3. Wallace & Gromit the Episodic Game series
Yes Wallace & Gromit get more games! Who doesn’t love these guys?

1. GameTap for Sale
This one came out of left field for me. I didn’t know the service was in that much trouble that its parent decided to sell it off. Very odd considering it has a library of thousands of titles.

2. Freakazoid Season 1 DVD Review
One of my many bizarre video reviews. At least this time it makes sense due to the subject matter. Freakazoid is an awesome series that everyone should one. ’nuff said.

3. Goosebumps Headed for the Big Screen!
Now this I gotta see. Sony making a Goosebumps film? Will it be cheesy like the TV show? Will it be a serious horror flick? Will it have a random twist ending like the books? So many questions…

1. Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 DVD EPIC Review
Visually speaking our most high quality budget video review ever. I don’t know if we will ever create another video review like it.

2. Red Alert 3 – REMIX, an Official trailer to Laugh at
Sometimes developing a video game gets boring. I hope that’s why someone at EA made this video.

3. Iron Man vs. The Dark Knight – Which film is better?
Box Office results don’t mean much on this website. That’s why we take an in-depth look at both films.

1. Nintendo DSi
Wait, what? DSi? Yet another DS? Why? Nintendo’s answer, “because we can.” My response, “bite me.”

2. Hollywood Says Vote
Yeah the US Election spread over onto this website as well. We covered some of it. The most important being this video with a bunch of famous people saying to vote, or not to vote, or spread this video to 5 friends. I feel so conflicted.

3. E for All 2008 Coverage
I was there in 2007 as a speaker and came back in 2008 as a reporter. Now I’ll never be able to go back. I will miss E for All, but it will always live on in our video coverage.

1. Gears of War 2 Launch Coverage
We’ve covered a lot of events at Universal Citywalk, but this video has to be one of our best.

2. Star Trek XI trailer kicks some major ASS
JJ Abrams officially tells fanboys to suck it big time. Even after the 20th time that I’ve watched it, this trailer is still amazing. We actually were able to spot one of our members Alex Blume as an extra in one of the crowd shots. That makes it even more special.

3. 5 Things I Learned While Watching The New World
I learned that this movie is a piece of crap. Now with its 3 hour Extended Cut, the pile of crap is even larger.

1. The Simpsons Apple
When The Simpsons does it, they do it in style. Even if you’re an Apple fanboy, you must admit that this episode in which The Simpsons spoofs Apple is hilarious.

2. YouTube High Definition
It’s about time! Now videos can be shown in High Definition, not lame high-quality. Now internet actors, you may start thinking about wearing makeup.

3. Battlestar Gallactica Websiode 1 -WTF?
Wow. This is the first web series that is worth watching! What a way to end 2008!

If these posts didn’t fancy you, let us know what you thought were the best moments of 2008.

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