DVD REVIEW: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Let me start by saying ’twas difficult for me to write this review. For, as a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy, I feel I am programmed to automatically shun any of the new Star Wars productions. However, I am willing to give anything a second (or fourth) chance, and I have never been one to stray too far from the saga in the first place. So here we are.

Opening anecdote- check.

The movie is not bad, people. It’s an enjoyable ride, and any new audiences who’ve loved the Prequels will certainly love this new addition. Unless you’re completely morally opposed to it, Clone Wars is worth the watch- you get some pretty decent animation and a nice, little story out of it. And you get to see what a Hutt looks like as an infant. That alone is worth the watch, right?

The DVD comes loaded with Special Features- the best of which being a look at the voice actors behind the Clone Wars characters. And although none of the leads from the live-action prequels return, there are still plenty of big names to keep things exciting (most notably Christopher Lee, Anthony Daniels, and Samuel L. Jackson). The Special Edition also comes with a sneak peek of the Clone Wars animated series, which currently airs on Cartoon Network. Plus the dvd comes with a digital copy for your computer or iPod.

With all this in mind, if you feel the least bit interested in Star Wars: the Clone Wars, the technical quality of the film and the quantity of the special features makes it completely worth it to give the 2-disc DVD a look-see.

Or if nothing else, do it for George. You at least owe him that.

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