Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh: Quirky Tween Entertainment

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh: A Nickelodeon Original Movie
Nickelodeon Studios/ Schneider’s Bakery
Starring Drake Bell, Josh Peck, Miranda Cosgrove, Kimbo Slice, and Henry Winkler

Premieres Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 8pm on Nickelodeon

Drake Bell (Santa), Josh Peck (Santa's sack), and some kid
Drake Bell (Santa), Josh Peck (Santa's sack), and some kid

Those wacky brothers, Drake and Josh, are at it again. And this time they’re bringing Christmas cheer and a lot of lunacy in a new movie exclusively on Nickelodeon. Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh catches up with the brothers as the Yuletide holiday nears. And shenanigans and hilarity ensue as these two guys encounter one mishap after another. Let the mayhem begin!

When Drake makes a Christmas promise to a little girl while he’s dressed as Santa, he and Josh must work to give her and her foster family the best Christmas ever. The catch? If Drake & Josh don’t deliver the best Christmas ever, thy will be thrown in jail. Why you ask? You’ll just have to watch and find out.

The cast includes Drake Bell (Superhero Movie), Josh Peck (The Wackness), Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly), Henry Winkler (Happy Days, Scream, The Waterboy), and Kimbo Slice (Mixed Martial Arts fighter). It’s a good mix of characters, which helps deliver some memorable comic moments throughout the film.

Drake & Josh was a sitcom designed for tweens. I guess they don’t mind overacting. There’s a massive amount of overacting that takes place throughout the film. The biggest culprit is Josh Peck, who overdoes each emotion to irritating effect. While the overacting doesn’t detract from the film since it is a comedy, it does become grating at times.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh is an enjoyable holiday film. While not for everyone, it is safe for kids to watch. There’s a lot of slapstick and comic violence in the film, some kissing, and a chimp pisses on a young boy, but all are done with a lighthearted feel.

Many may not know this, but Dan Schneider who created Drake & Josh was on ABC’s school-themed series Head of the Class. He played Dennis Blunden, the heavyset friend of nerdy Arvid (Dan Frischman).

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh is pithy, escapist entertainment. I recommend it because it’s fun to watch, and is a fairly decent Christmas TV movie.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh earns itself a B+. If only Josh Peck had toned down her performance a tad, it could have been an A!

Premieres Friday, December 5th, 2008 at 8pm on Nickelodeon. And, more than likely, it will replay through the New Year. Check local listings for future times.

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