500k views later…

First off, please let me get this off my chest – WOW! This blog, StuffWeLike.com, has just hit a major milestone. We’ve surpassed 500,000 views. That’s a pretty impressive number after the site transformed into a blog on February 23, 2007.

Half of the reason why we made the grand move was due to this widget:

The minute that it was created, that weekend I literally revamped the entire website to WordPress. I’d say that doing that was probably one of the smartest moves that I’ve made with this website. The site definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without that switch.

Thanks for sticking by and being apart of StuffWeLike’s history. Hopefully within the coming months you’ll see even more and better content than we’ve ever produced before!

Author: DaveWeLike

I'm the editor of StuffWeLike.com.

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