DVD REVIEW: Futurama – Bender’s Game

I am a huge fan of Futurama- both in that I love the series, and I am a physically large fanboy. Bender’s Game is getting fantastic reviews, and is considered by most to be the best of the Futurama films released thus far.

However, I disagree. The movie was certainly enjoyable, with stunning animation and brilliant voice-acting. However, what used to be the series strongest feature, the writing, has faltered in these movies. Bender’s Big Score was fantastic writing, and I loved it right away. The Beast With a Billion Backs disappointed me, but I grew to enjoy it over multiple viewings. Bender’s Game was also a disappointment, but I have yet to truly enjoy it. Plot holes abound in the film, and the writers have openly admitted to not coming up with explanations for certain major events.

However still, I highly recommend Bender’s Game to anyone who enjoys Futurama. Despite the fact that it is not as good as the previous films, or the television series, it is 100% worth the watch. There are, admittedly, some great laugh-out-loud moments. And towards the end of the film, a secret regarding a supporting character is revealed – one that the creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen had planned before the original series aired in 1999.

In the past, Futurama DVDs have always brought the goods in the Special Features department and this time it’s no different. Their Audio Commentaries are the best around. Voice actors Billy West and John DiMaggio return in this film’s commentary track. Also available on this DVD is a sneak peek at the fourth and last Futurama movie, Into the Wild Green Yonder (due out in 2009).

So although a disappointment in general, Bender’s Game is still worth a few laughs, and definitely worth a watch by any fan of Futurama.

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