Sweet, More Deus Ex 3 Concept Art!

Aye, it’s Garbled Zombie, your local Deus Ex fanboy and chief editor of all things Deus Ex 3 on StuffWeLike. What arouses me from my slumber? It seems that Gamereactor got some brand new concept art for Deus Ex, and by it looks friggin’ sweet to my eyes.

There’s also a crumb of extra info, i.e. we learn that the protagonist of Deus Ex 3, Adam Jensen is a security chief for a biotech company called Sarif. The company is raided by men in black, and everybody without the name Adam Jensen are killed. And of course, it’s upto Adam to find out who did this, and why. One important piece of news we learn is that the game will come sometime in 2010. That’s 10 years after Deus Ex. Hot dayum.

And now, I analyse the concept art.

This one seems to be set in Paris, with the bridge up there labelled “Passerelle 01”. What I believe to be some sort of a cafe to the left uses a neon sign saying “Le Canne”, so I think that kind of confirms it. The “Connaught” sign down their highlights “aug”, signifying Augmentation. Possibly an augmentation-related advertisement? Then we see a postmodern building to the right, with the name “DWM”, which must be some sort of a corporation’s headquarters.

With Paris around, I’m guessing we may see the origins of the Silhouette. Maybe even explore Everett’s Illuminati and even see Beth DuClare alive! This sounds like fun.

This one is a little blurry, but it shows the Renaissance influence on the game. Nothing particularly remarkable here, but to the left there’s an information terminal (or maybe a security terminal) that’s reminiscent of the news terminals in Deus Ex. This one looks bulkier and integrated into the wall, so I guess it’s a natural progression. To the right, there’s a computer with a holographic display. Again, reminiscent of Deus Ex. This one appears to be a Star Wars-ish hologram, since it’s blue-tinted and kinda faded, whereas the ones in Deus Ex were exact and colourful. So at least that’s one step in the right direction.

This here is Shanghai, according to the PC Zone scans we found. It’s also pretty clear since there’s a dragon illustration to the bottom-left. On closer inspection, I think there’s supposed to be some sort of a transparent display there. Screenshot is mostly a standard cityscape, a little futuristic. The cool looking guy to the right may or may not be Adam Jensen. I kind of hope he is, but what the hell.

11 thoughts on “Sweet, More Deus Ex 3 Concept Art!”

  1. The “Paris” scene also includes a sign reading “Ouvert” (for “Open”)–but why are there what appear to be Chinese characters under the Connaught text? Anyone know what they say?

  2. Yes, if they were Chinese characters, I could tell you what they say. Alas, that is Japanese script, not Chinese.

  3. Oh..my mistake. I unfortunately have not had any instruction in Chinese/Japanese, so I went with what seemed most likely given that Shanghai is another locale already used. As an aside, I found the fact that there is always daylight odd–the first was always nighttime, and IW was almost always nighttime as well, if I recall correctly.

  4. Thanks for the heads-up you two! I know a teeny bit of Japanese, so I did some research and the like and this what I could uncover:

    I zoomed it up and while I can’t make out the first two letters clearly, the last three are “???”, which translated in Japanese means “Prosecute” (according to an online translator). The second letter is a kanji, which I do not know (but it kind of looked similar to ?, which means “By” according to that translator. I can’t make out that first letter very clearly, so I can’t get the whole sentence.

  5. No, it’s nothing to do with prosecution.

    The second kanji is a bit hard to read, but the first one is definitely shu

    It most likely says “shudan o suru”, or “shuhou o suru” which translates literally as “do a technique”.

    Alas, this is mostly likely Japanese text that’s just been “borrowed” by an artist who doesn’t actually understand it.

  6. The “Paris Scene” is in Montreal, Not Paris. Montreal. You know, the city in Quebec where the developer is based?

    It’s an actual street corner, somewhat near the Eidios Montreal offices. The Deconstructivist building isn’t there though, and IIRC the Asian signage is either absent or in Chinese.

  7. Does the same team who did “Bioshock” work on DX 3? Them I’m not surprised they had some retro style costumes left 😉

    We’ll see what they do with it – the graphics alone will justify bying the game.

  8. Has anyone seen the new Deus Ex 3 trailer? Adam Jensen in all his bionic glory seated on a couch with a drink in one hand, cradling a cig in the other. Damn he looks bad-ass!!

    Incidentally, when the guards come storming into the room, he whips out his Assasins Creed style hand dagger, handcrafted by Sarif Corporation (you can make out the company name under his bionic arm). So I think we can deduce that this guy is some sort of rogue agent who broke away from Sarif (for reasons unknown) and took a few Sarif toys with him. Also, he seems to have these cameras fused into his retinas that can look through walls and give tactical info on threats. In one scene he looks at a guard and gets a real time heads-up on an internal injury. Which means he will most likely be able to exploit stuff like that in the final game. Tactical combat at its most refined!! WOWOWOW!!!

    Also, Connaught is a place in the capital city Delhi in India. Could also be a possible location in the game.

    Thanks for reading fellow Deus Ex lovers!!!

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