Xbox 360 REVIEW: Gears of War 2

All right all you shooters and gore nuts, Gears of War 2 officially launches tonight at midnight and has the review, and what a review it is!

Upon turning on the game everything has the original look and feel of the first gears title, but it’s amped up with more features and easier usability. Epic used great logic in here, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; which is exactly what they did. If you played the first GOW, firing up this game and getting into some co-op campaign action is 2 bullets and an active reload away.

Alright without further a due, lets dig into the real stuff, THE GAME PLAY. The story happens 6 months after the first, the locust army is alive and now more robust looking to destroy all of mankind. The game play is smooth and very life like, it’s a lot like the first game, but better! The story plays out and any fan of the first one will be entranced with what the graphics and game play has to offer.

As many of you already know there are a few new arsenals for you to beat some locust ass with. The COGS now have access to chainsaw battles where you must mash the “B” button so you will chainsaw your opponent and not get chainsawed, a flamethrower, a burst fire locust pistol, a motor canon to rain down a fiery death on an area of opponents, a high powered mini-gun, a protective shield a player can wield with a pistol and plant in the ground and use as cover, and of course the new ability to “meat shield” any enemy and use them as a human shield until they take so much fire there body explodes into little locust burgers.

The Campaign can be beaten in roughly 8-10 hours, and you will want to grab a friend and play the hardcore mode so you Can unlock the infamous “insane” difficulty mode. Some parts of the story do drag from time to time, but all the shooting and cut scenes will keep you active reloading and waiting for the next batch of bugs to destroy.

There are lots of fun unlockables, and if you beat the first Gears of War you will be rewarded with some special unlockable multi-player characters, which n00bs of this game will not be able to play as until they defeat general Ramm. Among other things the “Seriously” achievement is back, appropriately titled “Seriously 2.0” getting this however might cost you a few packs of Red Bull and a few weeks up sleepless nights.

Without giving too much away, just buy the game, if you are an avid enthusiast from the first one, or just just an Xbox 360 gamer looking to find a new fix for your trigger finger, buy this game. Out of five locust heads, I give this amazing shooter five full locust heads. So be sure to get out on Friday and pick up a copy this weekend, or if you are an avid enthusiast who just cant wait, join at the midnight madness launch at the Universal Studios City Walk, Thursday night.

See you all online!

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