Star Trek XI pictures hit the web

Finally, after months of hearing nothing about this film there are now 6 new pictures that have hit the web!

If these don’t tickle your geekiness, nothing will ever make you happy in life. This film looks to have it all. Awesome special effects, an epic adventure, drama, and who knows what else!

All I can say is that I can’t believe I got to be an extra on this film. Wow, just wow.

It looks like the USS Kevlin is taking a major beating. Ouch.

The new design of the USS Enterprise.

Nero. The evil dude.

Spock strangles Kirk without emotion.

Kirk crash lands and now is a skilled ice climber.

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One thought on “Star Trek XI pictures hit the web”

  1. Ive been cynical of this movie ever since that first little teaser trailer came out and I feel even more against it now. Im a die-hard trekkie, I owned The Original Series, Voyager and Deep Space Nine (which was the best of the lot) and loved most of the movies. Having Sylar as Spock was a great decision for this movie, every other casting call has a bad taste left. Next comes to the photos, the bridge of the Enterprise looks like it was designed by Apple and doesn’t fit the Star Trek universe at all. Given that J.J. was quoted in a news item today that he liked Star Wars and not Trek brings the icing to the cake.

    This is a bad call, the academy idea was provided by those looking at making another Trek tv show before Enterprise and it’s been a bad idea ever since. I liked Star Trek X even though it was a rip-off of Star Trek II. This though feels worse than the Knight Rider remake, and no im not saying that as a trekkie but as a critic.
    Btw IMDB is reporting the trailer will come out with Bond in the US.

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