Review – Rest Stop 2: Don’t Look Back

If you ever wanted to be grossed out, freaked out, and/or be killed by a man in a yellow truck Rest Stop 2 is your ticket into one crazy hell hole. If you’ve never heard of the Rest Stop series, it’s a straight to DVD gruesome horror series. Honestly Rest Stop 2 is not for the faint of heart. If you watch this film late at night, I guarantee that it will disturb the crap out of you. Our very own Ian Dawson, couldn’t watch this film past the first 10 minutes it’s that crazy.

A religious man and his family, consisting of a midget, evil twins, and one whore of a wife, start the film off. They meet a man in a yellow truck and basically they kill him. The man with the yellow truck comes back from the dead and then kills the family. And that’s how the film begins.

I’ve never seen the first Rest Stop, but from what I’ve heard this film is much more graphic than the previous. The story takes place right after the first film. A couple of the victim’s friends from the first film, set out on a journey to find the victim. You can only begin to imagine what happens next. The story is simplistic, but it’s effective.

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone that enjoys this raunchy genre. The DVD extras aren’t that special to really mention. There is an alternative ending, deleted scenes, and a short making-of video. There is a reason why this film doesn’t have a MPAA rating and is uncut. It’s glorious, in a really disgusting way…

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