Review: Multiwinia Survival of the Flattest

The term game addiction has only been sparsely used in my life. Sure I love games, but there are only a couple of times where I have ‘wanted’ and ‘needed’ to play. You get this sort of jittery feeling and you can’t focus on anything else accept that one idea. For some odd reason, I have become addicted to Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest.

If you’re a real-time strategy fan, you must play Multiwinia. With its simple yet satisfying gameplay, you’ll be playing for hours without any concern of reality. That’s why game addiction is so dangerous yet so fun.

Multiwinia is the sequel to the Darwinia. The main difference between the original title and Multiwinia is the emphasis on multiplayer gameplay. With almost 50 levels across six different gameplay types, and free online gameplay, you can only begin to imagine the joy that this game will bring to the world.

Usually in most video games, I say that having a good story is a must. This game doesn’t feature anything of the sort. If you haven’t played Darwinia, all you understand is that you’ve got random things attacking other things. That being said, it’s actually suitable that this game doesn’t feature a story. At its core, it doesn’t matter what the background to these units are; what matters is how they can destroy your enemies.

There are a couple of minor glitches with units becoming stuck on maps and not understanding how to get from point A to point B. However, you’ll quickly forget about those units and refocus on the epic battles that you were previously engaged with.

Multiwinia cuts down the complexity of most RTS games and sticks to what made them so fantastic in the first place: defeating enemies and conquering their territory. There are no extraneous resources to deal with and no building upgrades to manage. Simply, stay alive and you’ll automatically receive new units and special attacks.

For a game that has tons of replay value, at a price of $25 Multiwinia is worth the purchase. Most of the time, a low price like this begs the question of: is this game crap? Multiwinia is in a totally different league than even most professional AAA multi-million dollar video games. Buy it now.

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