Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 DVD EPIC Review

In what is probably our most EPIC video review yet, StuffWeLike.com reviews Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1.

Terminator fans will enjoy Sarah Connor Chronicles as a spin-off from the original movie story-arc.

For some odd reason this video excludes gunshots at the beginning. Personally I don’t think that matters. It makes the video seem more cheesy.

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Author: DaveWeLike

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5 thoughts on “Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 DVD EPIC Review”

  1. I didn’t like most of the first season of this. When I find only 3 episodes out of 9 for an action show that I consider good then I reconsider watching the show.

  2. Excellent vid Dave! I was on the edge of my seat! You blew up my car! You need to get Terminator Dave to pay for that!

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