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The mobile music market will be experiencing another tipping point thanks to The Grid Records, a Phoenix-Ariz.-based music production, artist development and record distribution company, with the launch of their ‘Mobi Music’ ( program. The innovative ‘Mobi Music’ service will spark a triple-threat revolution in the billion dollar mobile music industry—synonymously benefiting the three driving forces behind the mushrooming trend: the perspective consumer, the recording artist and the wireless carriers.

‘Mobi Music’, the brainchild of The Grid Records founder and serial entrepreneur, Mark Schmitz, was conceptualized to give a universal audience a simple access point to purchase full-length music tracks and complete albums instantaneously via wireless phone then have the purchase immediately available to save in the user’s desired computer music program—all without the hassle of integrating, downloading and upgrading software, monthly subscription fees or unsecure virtual payment worries.

The effortless, yet resourceful model of ‘Mobi Music’ came to life with the integration of evolving mobile application technologies. This first generation of the ‘Mobi Music’ program allows the purchase of digital music to be made using the consumer’s mobile phone bill; no registration or credit cards are required—all rules, regulations, components and certifications with respective parties, including the Mobile Marketing Association have been approved and ready for use.

“Finding the appropriate technological component that fit the ‘Mobi Music’ vision presented unexpected challenges and unwanted obstacles in our initial stages,” explains Schmitz. “Although the mobile music industry, as a whole, is saturated, we found the capabilities and functionality of existing programs were very limited. The evident need in the marketplace for a program that incorporated the same ideals as the ‘Mobi Music’ concept, stimulated us to produce a high-performing product to give to the marketplace.”

The opportunities within ‘Mobi Music’ put the consumer back in control of their purchases and proficiently integrate the need for instant gratification on a specific music selection with a painless text-to-buy process. A single track or a full album can be purchased, accessed online and saved in a desired music program in less than a minute. ‘Mobi Music’ users will have their favorite artists tracks or record – literally at their fingertips – and will have the ability to make their purchase at a live concert, watching the music video, listening to the song on the radio or a multitude of other media channels.

In addition to the benefits ‘Mobi Music’ gives to the consumer, the concept creates a direct revenue stream for record sales, as well as the participating wireless carriers. ‘Mobi Music’ presents an ideal value-added distribution model for record labels and album sales executives with the built-in opportunities to transform marketing and advertising efforts into direct distribution access points.

“The disruptive technology presents an evergreen enhancement to all promotional materials for artist album sales,” says Dave Franke, Managing Partner of The Grid Records. “Instead of communicating the date when the album will be in stores, the message becomes ‘text the code word to the assigned number to purchase full-length single, multiple tracks or the entire album’. The return on your investment increases tenfold—the possibilities are endless.”

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