TAC’s Widow Maker Bass Guitar Controller Is 100% Compatible With Guitar Hero & Rock Band Features For PS2 and PS3

The Ant Commandos (TAC), a leading provider of innovative wireless video game music peripherals and
accessories, announced today its Widow Maker Wireless Bass Guitar is now available at retail for an SRP of $69.99. The Widow Maker Bass Guitar is the first bass guitar controller on the market to feature 4-1 compatibility with all Guitar Hero and Rock Band games for PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.

TAC’s Widow Maker Wireless Bass Guitar is one of the most advanced controllers on the market, featuring AutoSense wireless technology using 2.4GHz radio connectivity and offering a largest and longest body design, resembling the classic body style of a real bass guitar. The bass guitar controller features FeatherTouch Fret Buttons which are undercoated with new, stronger rubber cushions for a “clickier” feel when pressed. Using the Widow Maker to lay down their bass rhythms, gamers will be able to rock out to all versions of Rock Band or Guitar Hero for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. “TAC is committed to providing the best possible peripherals to players for their favorite music video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and with the Widow Maker, gamers are getting the best quality wireless bass guitar on the market today,” said Jesse Manwill, Senior Manager, Product Management at TAC. “The Widow Maker is 100% compatible with all versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band for the PS2 and PS3-including rock Band’s effects switch and solo functions– so consumers are truly getting their money’s worth for a top-notch bass guitar that they can rely on for years to come.”

Bass guitar fans will love all of the special features that the Widow Maker is equipped with. One of the hottest new elements is the 360 FLY Function Clip where special button clips allow for strap-free game play and the wild spinning of the controller so gamers can perform similar moves just like their most idolized guitarists. A unique button cluster with a recessed Start button will enable players to let loose and go wild without accidentally pausing the game during a jam session. Additionally, its new PowerThief power saving mode automatically conserves precious battery power for extended hours of play. For the comfort of gamers, the Widow Maker features a specially-designed contoured edge which provides a more comfortable grip on the neck, reducing finger fatigue after a late-night jam session. Realistic to the slightest detail, the Widow Maker Bass guitar controller features a stylish headstock with five tuning pegs, and it even functions as a six-string controller if necessary.

For more information about TAC or the products it sells please visit www.theantcommandos.com.

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