Hustle – Returns for season five

For those who are unfamiliar with Hustle it’s a TV show from the UK about a group of con artists who each episode try out an even more far fetched scam to take someones cash. The catch is they have to be evil in a way, or a jerk. The show which was picked up in the US will be back for a 5th season it has been reported although the cast is to change yet again.

Back is the main actor from seasons 1-3 Adrian Lester and gone is Jamie Murray who has gone onto other things after starring in Dexter’s second season as his sponsor/girlfriend. Also gone is the other main supporting conartist Marc Warren (Danny Blue). While the show was a great one watch during the initial three seasons that took place in the UK when the show was shipped over to take US scams it lost it’s heart and took a bigger budget as more important than overall episode quality. Its hard to see how bringing back a main character and the loss of two others will help the show return to form. As far as this announcement being expected for those in the US it’s the equivalent of Friends being renewed now.

What this means for you? More episodes of what was in the beginning a great television show much like the Ed Burns movie Confidence.

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