TV shows that should end

There are any number of television shows which we think should never be cancelled in an ideal world.  Jericho and Moonlight are the most recent examples of this that most people would say should not have been cancelled.

There are on the flip side many other shows which should have been cancelled many years ago and on a personal bias the new way that reality television shows have taken over prime time is unforgivable, Big Brother for example. Which could be blamed on the recent writers strike in the states. The final thing for consideration are the television shows that were great and should have been stopped years ago before becoming stale and stagnant.

Which television shows do you think should end, (never have existed) and why? A few examples are below.

Big Brother
Smallville (after season 7)

What this means for you? A chance to have your say and voice your opinion about television and pop culture in general.

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