Halo Wars – Release status

In what can only be described as a Valve-esque remark Ensemble Studios’ Graham Somers has commented about the current development progress on Halo Wars. The first RTS in the Halo franchise.

“We’re going to ship Halo Wars when it’s ready” he said. So it’s as simple as that. It’s also very similar to something Half-Life creators Valve came out with when Half-Life 2 was in development. Perhaps it’s something to make it sound as though quality is more important than rushing the game. The game has been confirmed as not coming out in 2008 now.

For those who don’t know Halo Wars is a title which has been in development for a very long time to say the least and the lack of released screenshots recently has caused a number of people to assume that the title was to be cancelled even though it’s based on such a successful franchise. In most cases that would mean the game would be safe by default however since the Halo movie didn’t make the cut we can only hope.

If you do a quick search online it is possible to see a gameplay video released a long time ago but the quality of the game and it’s graphics needs to be increased significantly. Right now more footage is coming out of Duke Nuke Forever than Halo Wars!

What this means to you? Having to wait until 2009 at least to play the next Halo title.

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