Prince of Persia: Prodigy takes a Fresh New Direction

Prince of Persia
With Assassin’s Creed well out of the way, Ubisoft Montreal proceeds to their most favourite action-adventure franchise: Prince of Persia. The new PoP, rumoured to be completely next-gen and titled Prodigy was thrown open at Ubidays and lots of new information has been uncovered.

Hit the jump to find a new teaser trailer, a “deadly new ally”, an epic storyline connected to Persian mythology and of course, the new Prince.

Prodigy will be set with a completely new storyline and setting, so playing the previous games is not at all mandatory. Our heroic Prince will be caught up in a war between good and evil, as the God Ormazd battles his evil brother Ahriman, who threatens to destroy the Tree of Life and plunge the world into Eternal Darkness.

As you can guess, the big enemy in this version will be Ahriman the evil God. The storyline is supposedly very similar to Persian Mythology (which I’m not too keen on, and hence cannot comment). Whatever the case, it looks like a classic Prince storyline alright. But just to be sure, Ubisoft confirms that it will be nothing short of epic.

The new Prince has been inspired off of great adventurers from fiction, like Han Solo, Aragorn and Sinbad (note that Indiana Jones is missing). The Prince will obviously be a drifter, an adventurer and his sense of style will reflect his personality. And of course, he’ll have plenty of sexy abilities.

To start, there will be a gauntlet the Prince can use to perform great looking tricks, like slide down very high walls and cliffs. With hand-made animations, the Prince will be even more death-defyingly daring and agile, making awe-inspiring moves all round – exactly what you’d expect from a next-gen PoP game!

Graphics will be nothing short of next-gen and top notch:

The new Prince will displays 13 times more polygons than the previous Prince, and even more than Altair in Assassin’s Creed. To give you a reference, there will be more polygons in the next-gen Prince’s hair than in the “old” Prince himself.

Every detail of the faces, clothes and accessories of the characters will feel next-gen thanks to hi-res textures, specific lighting systems and shaders. We have developed new systems such as skin morph, wrinkle map, indirect lighting and occlusion to beautify our universe and characters in a way which was not possible on old gen.

And finally, Prodigy will feature a brand new art direction that will be illustrative and arty: Ubisoft will be trying to keep it as close to the 2D concept art as possible, while keeping the illustrative feel.

Prince of Persia: Prodigy will be coming in this Holiday Season for the XBox 360, PS3 and PC. All in all, this looks to be an exciting new addition and a great new chapter to the Prince of Persia series. We hope it turns out just as awesome as it sounds. To make you feel more as we do, take a look at the trailer below:

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